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Mint and Ginger Coffee House

Cyclist groups - pre-book

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In order to make sure we are fully prepared for your group arrival we would appreciate it if groups of cyclists over 3 people could book in advance or at least the day before they visit us.

We are happily overwhelmed by cyclists and this booking system helps us plan better for your arrival. If you could drop us a text, or call us on 01858 540424 to let us know the date you plan to visit us and the name you have booked in, we would very much appreciate it!!

This deposit payment of £3 will be deducted from your order upon arrival! However, it is not refundable if you do not turn up on the day, as our staff will have prepared refreshments and supplies in preparation for our cycling visitors.

If you have any specific requirements please let us know in advance.

Please note you will not be turned away if you don't book, this system is merely to help our busy staff be better prepared to serve you and provides us with an indication of how many cyclists we can expect.